Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Mission 1 Review

Dante is assigned the task of escorting a young girl named Patty Royale to her father's estate in order to claim her inheritance. Sounds easy, right? Wrong. The one reason that Dante himself must protect Patty is because her greedy relatives send demons in order to kill her.

Mission 2 Review

Dante is offered a job from his acquaintance Lady, another demon hunter. He refuses as usual, but is forced to go after losing her bet. Dante ends up having to race a man named Vincent, who lost his brother to the highway. While the two race, Vincent sees a vision of his brother speeding in front of him, but Dante realizes that it is an illusion. After destroying the bridge and having Vincent move to the side, Dante and Lady finish off the demon bike. Vincent thanks Dante at the Devil May Cry later, and requests another race with him. Dante agrees to, but only if he can win his bet…